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WALL-E to the rescue [Mar. 4th, 2010|10:48 am]



"In a war zone, evacuating patients under fire is one of the most dangerous jobs there is. That’s why the Pentagon’s hoping to capitalize on recent innovations in robotics to finally create ‘bots that operate as “combat casualty extraction system[s].”

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[User Picture]From: annamarie326
2010-03-04 03:56 pm (UTC)
um, is it dragging the "patient" by the neck?? 'cuz that's what it looks like lol

I'm sure it could definitely be a useful tool, as you're putting more soldiers at risk in the effort to evacuate on that is fallen, I am just curious how exactly the robots will take care of safely extricating, as well as how long it would take before the soldier could reach medical attention.
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