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2 FF LODD Bridgeport CT [Jul. 25th, 2010|12:55 am]



By John M. Guilfoil, Globe Staff

Two Bridgeport, Conn., firefighters were killed battling a house fire Saturday afternoon.

According to WTNH-TV in New Haven, the Bridgeport mayor’s office confirmed that the firefighters died battling a fire that broke out on Elmwood Avenue.

A Connecticut firefighter familiar with the incident told the Globe that the two firefighters were attached to a ladder truck and were advancing on the third floor when they became trapped.

Initial reports indicate the house may have partially collapsed and that one of the firefighters may have called out a “mayday’’ over the radio.

The names of the firefighters were not released. The source said the one firefighter was a rookie and that the other was a Lieutenant who recently got married.

Several other firefighters were hospitalized battling the blaze, WTNH reported.

In an amateur video posted on DoingItLocal.com, huge flames can be seen bellowing from the roof of the house as firefighters pour water on. Then a fire horn sounds, signaling an emergency evacuation and ordering firefighters out of the building.

John M. Guilfoil can be reached at jguilfoil@globe.com.

[Sources are reporting the FFs names as Velazquez and Baik.]

RIP brothers.