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True story, funny story. - EMT-B [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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True story, funny story. [Oct. 12th, 2009|04:43 pm]


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As a Firefighter/EMT in southern California I have had my fair share of great calls. I have done dumb things and I have seen dumb things done in the field. sometimes the things we see are harsh and other times there are thing that are down right funny. And I would like to share on of those funny stories. this one is for those of you that like to play pranks on the new guy, and for those new guys out there that need to watch out for those pranksters.

So as most of my stories start: True story, funny story. This one time, while running on an ALS fire engine, we get called for an ill person at about 3:30am. I am fresh out of EMT school, probably only 5-6 calls under my belt, and I am super gun-ho about getting my job done. so I am working with a well seasoned medic that has been helping out all day. He has been showing me every thing that I need to do on seance from Base line vitals to stripping an I.V. bag. So I do my EMT thing, then ask him what he wants out of the box, and he turns and says to me;"I want an IV set up but this time make sure that you keep it clean this time." to witch I respond(with one eye open since it is 3:30 am) "okay, how do I do that?" then the other firefighter taps me on the back of the should and says he'll show me. After i set up the IV bag he instructs me to put the tip of the IV line on the inside of my shirt at the collar line so as to "Protect it from rubbing on the ground and keep it clean" and he would hold the bag so could keep helping the medic. Of course since I am still half asleep i didn't think to question a ranking firefighter. After doing what I was told, I turned to help the medic and noticed that he was having the the patient sign AMA, Then next thing I know I have what felt like Ice cold saline running down the front of my shirt. By this point I am wide awake and tearing at my shirt collar to try and remove the IV but seem to keep failing at it. when all was said and done I had about 200cc of fluid on me and everyone in the room(even the patient) is laughing at me as I am dancing around grabbing at my shirt.

It is like they say, if they mess with you it is cause they like you. But they sure have a funny way of showing it.

I am a collector of stories so if you have any of you owen then send a few down my way.

[User Picture]From: brendo
2009-10-14 04:03 am (UTC)
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